Empowering Afghan Refugees: Kite Runner's Humanitarian Endeavor

Step into the world of compassion and change with Kite Runner, a dynamic project aimed at providing essential support to Afghan refugees in Turkey.

With unwavering dedication, Kite Runner collaborates with local communities and volunteers to ensure a brighter future for those seeking refuge.

Project Overview

The Kite Runner project, a shining example of WordPress-driven impact, embodies our commitment to aiding Afghan refugees in Turkey. In just one week, we built a robust online platform that connects refugees with vital resources and assistance.

This platform serves as a haven of hope, offering information, support, and a sense of belonging to displaced individuals and families.

Project Timeline

Within a span of one week, we dedicated ourselves to crafting this transformative platform:

  • Idea & Planning

    We conceptualized a user-friendly platform that delivers critical information and support to Afghan refugees.

  • WordPress Development

    Through dedicated work, we harnessed the power of WordPress to create a seamless and accessible user experience.

  • Project Launch

    With our mission fulfilled, we launched the Kite Runner platform, bridging the gap between assistance and those who need it.

Project Impact

The Kite Runner platform has touched countless lives, offering a lifeline to Afghan refugees in Turkey. By leveraging technology and WordPress expertise, we've woven a web of support that restores hope and dignity.

Through the Kite Runner project, we've demonstrated the transformative power of technology in humanitarian endeavors.

Project Information

  • Project Name:
    Kite Runner
  • Client:
  • Technologies:
  • Duration:
    1 week
  • Launch Date:
    Oct 2022


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